//Pine Grove Middle School’s Innovative Take On Open House

Pine Grove Middle School’s Innovative Take On Open House

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VALDOSTA, Ga. – Pine Grove Middle School (PGM) held a “Bingo Night” for students and parents to meet the faculty and get familiar with the school in a very fun way.

A number of parents and students showed up for the middle school’s first attempt of a different take on a traditional open house. A regular open house event was held at the beginning of school year, but it wasn’t nearly as interactive as this one.

Faculty Member, Heather Morin.

Parent and student pairs were given “Scavenger Hunt BINGO” sheets that got them moving around the school. In order to get a bingo, the pairs had to actively engage with the staff and building.

The activities on the sheets ranged from visiting the STEM lab, stopping by the guidance office to pick up information, visiting the book fair, to even taking a selfie with a staff member.

PGM has also implemented a new way for the parents to stay up to date on the teachers’ and school’s announcements. On each hall and classroom door, there are QR codes placed that link back to short videos that the teachers and staff made for both the parents and students.

The parents and students seemed to have really enjoyed the new take on open house. Aside from the QR codes and selfies, another area that was getting a lot of attention was the “Take What You Need” wall. Students can go to this wall and take an encouraging sticky note if they’re feeling down or in need of a pick me up.

The school intends on coming up with other events similar this one in order to get the parents more involved.