//New Housing Development Coming to Valdosta

New Housing Development Coming to Valdosta

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VALDOSTA-The Valdosta City Council is currently considering a request to change zoning conditions on Baytree Road, as a local developer to hoping to build new apartment complexes near Valdosta State University. 

Formerly the site of a fraternity house, the lot now sits vacant. The proposal calls for 26 units. According to city staff, the proposal is the continuation of a five year old project, originally started when complexes on either side of the lot were constructed. 

The proposal is expected to go to a vote at Thursday’s City Council meeting, following a public hearing.

This is one of the many building projects currently in the works throughout the city. “We’re getting a lot more inquires about development ideas than four years ago,” said Planning and Zoning Administrator Matt Martin.

“Growth and opportunities becoming available that weren’t there before,” Martin said. “So people are beginning to think what they might want to do with their property, or if they have development ideas they’re beginning to think, where can I do this, and when do I get started.”