//Hurricane Michael: Worst is Over

Hurricane Michael: Worst is Over

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VALDOSTA – Michael was here.

Hurricane Michael made landfall near Mexico Beach, Florida this morning as a Category 4 Hurricane with 155 mph winds. A record-breaker.

At 919 millibars central pressure Michael was the third most intense US landfalling hurricane in history, with a pressure lower than Katrina (920) and Andrew (922).

Just shy of a Cat 5, Mike produced life-threatening 8-12 feet storm surge. Mexico Beach, Apalachicola and Panama City Beach are soaked and beaten by it, but alive.


The residents there will be piecing together their home for a while and they will never forget Hurricane Michael 2018.

Debris signatures mark the Gulf Coast but it can recover now.

In Valdosta by VSU wind howls sharp, glances the roof. Limbs are plucked by gusts and thump flatly on hard wet grass.

Everyone braced, most were prepared. Lots of praying. Nobody smug. Over half a million are without power, first in Florida, Alabama, Georgia. About 8000 of those are in Lowndes County.

Linemen get to work. Keep the roads clear please.

The worst seems to have passed by 7 p.m  in Lowndes County. By nearly midnight it feels like a major tragedy has been dodged.

No pride. Only grace.

The Lowndes EMA who have been tracking it diligently.

No injuries have been reported in Lowndes. A child has been reported deceased by WALB.

More to come.

Everyone try to rest now.

If you have power you are blessed. Say your prayers.