//Leadership Training Motivates VSU Students

Leadership Training Motivates VSU Students

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VALDOSTA – Ten executive council members from Valdosta State University’s Black Student League spent their Sunday evening participating in an immersive leadership training session at the Bailey Science Center on September 2.
In exchange for their time, the council members received a motivation session filled with effective leadership practices and influential changes in mindset to increase self-awareness and close the leadership knowledge gap within the group. The session was facilitated by DeWayne Johnson, Speaker and Co-Founder of BridgeBuilder Education & Investments, a local management and consulting business.

“The individuals I met with will undoubtedly be the next wave of leaders within our schools, communities, and businesses. I was pleased to be able to provide an exchange of information, which they can reflect upon in the future to help catapult them to greatness,” commented Johnson.

Brittanye Blake, VSU Black Student League President and Senior Mass Media Major, invited Johnson to speak during the organization’s weekly business meeting held on campus. “I wanted my executive council to understand what it takes to be a leader,” said Blake.

According to Blake, the mission of the Black Student League is to help students transition to college life and to bring awareness to the accomplishments minorities are making on campus. The Black Student League acknowledges minority students, faculty or staff, and other organizations that are making a difference. The organization gives the executive council members an opportunity to run a large, thriving organization properly.

Johnson was requested to provide insight and understanding for what it takes to be a leader in a thriving organization and a competitive environment. “Most of the participants had never been in a leadership role before and/or have had anxieties toward public speaking,” described Johnson. “I felt a duty to help the team realize their potential and be able to find their source of confidence through an inspirational method for unlocking their real purpose for greatness. They will be able to use the takeaways from this visit in their organization, career goals, and even family life.”

The session included lively motivation and discussions on effective leadership, communication, and hacks for success. “The training was great and geared towards student leaders in every capacity,” stated Blake.

Black Student League member, Diamond Fabian, added, “The training was amazing. I learned to start asking ‘why’ more instead of just going with the flow. The training gave me a new outlook on life and my purpose in the world.”

“I loved how the training was interactive and also entertaining. It wasn’t a predictable boring informational,” expressed Fabian.

According to the press release, BridgeBuilder Education & Investments is a company committed to building and developing success by creating knowledge-based, motivational workshops geared towards reaching a variety of audiences, that range from K-12 students, aspiring college students, and professional/personal development within organizations or teams.

To find out more information or to book a session, interested organizations can reach DeWayne Johnson at dewayne.johnson@iamabridgebuilder.us or (229) 588-0866.