//The Two-Day Rule of Habit-Making

The Two-Day Rule of Habit-Making

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If you’ve ever had trouble getting a new habit to stick, here’s something new to try . . .

YouTuber Matt D’Avella is a self-described minimalist, preferring to keep things simple.  A video about a method he uses called the Two-Day Rule has been blowing up online.

D’Avella wanted to commit to going to the gym but just couldn’t make himself do it, so he made a rule that he was never allowed to skip two gym days in a row.

It worked and he’s stuck with this rule for over a decade, other than an occasional cheat day.

D’Avella says it doesn’t have to be about the gym but any other habit someone is attempting to nail down.

If you like to schedule things so they’re always on specific days, it might not work for you, but that is also might be why it works.  Because you end up incorporating it more fully into your life, instead of only dedicating specific days to it.

SOURCE: Wise Bros.