//Sam the Man’s Music Blog: Music and Why It’s Universal

Sam the Man’s Music Blog: Music and Why It’s Universal

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VALDOSTA – Music is a universal language that can be spoken all across the world and, not only spoken, but understood. It’s one of those things that everyone enjoys, to one degree or another, be it jazz, classical, rock, country, hip hop, R & B, or metal.

Someone can play a song that emits a certain emotion and that emotion can be felt regardless of culture, language, or socioeconomic status.

Music can be that place that you go to when you need to be alone or to just be happy for a little while after you’ve had a rough day.

I’ve seen people playing a guitar on the street side in Savannah and it would give me chills when that person sang Purple Rain or Brown Eyed Girl. Just the raw emotion of the music makes you feel something and sometimes that’s all you need – is to just feel something.

Music does that.

Well it does for me, especially when I listen to some Pantera or some We Came As Romans or even some Beethoven or Miles Davis.

Music, for me, is an escape that is sometimes necessary after a rough day at the office or a hard day in the headspace. Music gives me that temporary reprieve that I need at times to just catch my breath and I know a lot of people do the same.

That’s what makes music universal – that attachment not only to the lyrics or the music, but to the emotion that is put into it when it is written and finally performed. That expression of one’s self and the communication of that emotion being expressed from one person to another.

THAT, in my opinion, is what makes music universal and, simultaneously, one of the greatest inventions of mankind.

Sam The Man