//Tattoo You: Hollywood H3 in Adel Newest Addition to Ink Parlors

Tattoo You: Hollywood H3 in Adel Newest Addition to Ink Parlors

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Photos and story by Robin Postell

ADEL – Chase Calhoun, 22, intern/sports writer at ValdostaToday.com, got his fifth tattoo Friday underneath the focused needle of ink man Ryanted Duarte from the newest Hollywood 3 Tattoo at 100 E. 5th Street in Adel.

“It reads in Latin, ‘Hate Me as Long as your Fear Me’,” Calhoun explains, showing the mock-up Duarte has sketched out before stenciling it onto his forearm for inking.

Duarte, with a rap soundtrack thumping in his curtained station to the steady pulse of his needle in the new swank parlor, spreads the ink methodically across Calhoun’s forearm into a Vikings-themed tattoo. Only four years into his career, Duarte apprenticed under Samson Bennett and has made his way through the ranks of local tattoo parlors, like Diabolink and Hollywood in Valdosta.

Duarte is originally from Hawaii, but after his service in the military stationed at Moody, he decided to settle here in Georgia with his family.

Four hours later, Calhoun is the proud owner of a new tattoo.

“I literally fell asleep,” Calhoun said. “After you’ve had a few it doesn’t hurt unless it’s on a really sensitive area.”