//Spinebusters Championship Wrestling to Continue September 5

Spinebusters Championship Wrestling to Continue September 5

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VALDOSTA – On Wednesday, September 5 at Mathis City Auditorium yet another chapter of Spinebusters Championship Wrestling will kick off in the ring. The bell rings at 7 p.m.

Great fun for the family, last month’s event August 15 “Day of Reckoning” marked the fourth for the Spinebuster series and brought out hungry fans to watch the action and drama unfold.

The action packed night of wrestling started off with a tag match. The highly energetic and over the top duo of Brandon Braddock and “Magic Man” Rowe Hicks, ,otherwise known as The Big Town Boys took on the team of The Dragon Dante Steele and Brother Azriel. The combination of power and agility from the latter prove to be a big challenge for the (BTB) until they managed to distract their opponents with the inmyfeelings challenge, allowing Braddock to make a suicide dive to the outside.

The second match of the night featured the long awaited feud of “The Natural” Hunter Mako VS Proc “The Croc” Johnston for the #1 contender. The crowd could feel the tension between these two opponents. Mako targeted the leg of the powerhouse to keep him grounded. The crowd grew to a fever pitch as Proc hit his corner spear/belly to belly suplex combo. As Proc went for the frog splash Mako maneuvered out of the way, hitting Proc with a spear of his own. Mako hit a beautiful 450 splash to pull the victory and become the new #1 contender for the Spartan Championship.

Johnny Maverick (one half of Bad Guy Inc.) invaded the arena, choosing to insult and pour water on a special Spinebuster guest, 99.5 Kix Countries very own “Shotgun” Charlie Walker. The two exchange words until Maverick pushes “Shotgun.” Suddenly “Good Guy” Cassius Mack leaps into action, jumping on the back of Bad Guy Inc’s Johnny Maverick. Commissioner Conner Mason stipulates this match as No DQ / Falls county anywhere. The two used everything at their disposal, including a shopping cart. Cassius Mack tapped into his superior speed and quickness to try and take advantage of the match. Maverick attempted to gain the upper hand with a variety of weapons such as cookie sheets, chairs, ladders to take the “Good Guy” out of action. “Shotgun” Charlie Walker jumped on the ring apron, distracting Johnny Maverick and allowing Cassius the break he needed to achieve victory.

For the fourth match of the night, Spinebuster Championship Wrestling welcomed the debut of Pale Horse Josey Quinn as he battled it out against returning super star Bobby Flaco. The Lucha style of Flaco mixed with the smash -mouth wrestling style of Josey Quinn for a nonstop action filled match. Flacco impressed the crowd with his high flying maneuvers, but Pale Horse found a way to keep Flaco grounded. Bobby Flaco tried his best to rob the spotlight, but an inverted DDT from Josey Quinn put Flaco down for the 3 count.

Spinebusters Gladiator Champion Jaxon Vile sat in the crowd and treated himself to a snack just before he was brutally attacked and challenged by “Street Fighter” David Ali. Vile and Ali threw everything they had at each other, including trashcans, Kegs, thumbtacks and gasoline. Ali hit Vile with a sidewalk slam, Vile landed a chair assisted pile driver. A well placed elbow drop from the top rope by Ali proved to be the final maneuver to subdue Vile and crown David Ali as the new Spinebuster Gladiator Champion.

Spartan Champion Jay 2 Strong made his grand entrance to the ring, announcing that his opponent for the night didn’t show. With the help of Commissioner Conner Mason, Jay issued an open challenge to any of the workers in the back. The Challenge was answered by the number 1 contender, Hunter Mako. The match started off with a bang as Jay landed many of his famous kicks, sending Mako crashing to the ground. The two wrestlers met each other with full force as they battled it out for the sake of the Championship. Hunter Mako hit Jay with a draping DDT to the floor. The crowd, otherwise known as the “2 Strong Army” chanted for Jay, desperate to motivate their champion to get back up. Jay went for his “Headshot” super kick but Mako dodged it and hit his “H-Bomb” (pump-handle Death Valley Driver) scoring the win, making himself the new Spinebuster Championship Wrestling Spartan Champion.

The main event led us to a No Disqualification match between Pure Goodness and Bad Guy Inc.’s very own Preston Paradise. It was an all-out slugfest. Goodness and Paradise went back and forth brawling all over the ring. With victory in his grasp Preston put Goodness into position for the “Suicide Shifter” (swinging neck breaker) when a masked assailant known as “Silencer” interrupted the match, spearing Preston Paradise and giving Pure Goodness the opportunity to hit Paradise with the F5 earning the 3 count.. Silencer stepped into the ring and after weeks of anticipation of the masked mystery man, his identity was revealed as the “Steel Scorpion” Mac Davis, a longtime rival of Preston Paradise. Preston Paradise and Mac Davis have a 15 year feuding history of brawling bar fights and over the top cage matches.

Don’t miss the fun Wednesday!