//White Weddings Encourages Customers Beyond the Wedding Day

White Weddings Encourages Customers Beyond the Wedding Day

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By Sharah Denton

When you meet Brooke White, you meet someone not only with beauty and poise, you quickly see a woman of faith and passion in and out of her business. For Brooke, assisting clients with their dream wedding dress is more than just that. It is an opportunity to minister and share insight on the beauty of marriage beyond the wedding.

Since the 7 th grade, Brooke has done calligraphy on wedding invitations and knew during that time she would always do something related to weddings. However, it was not until her time as an elementary school teacher that she realized her vision. “I just knew when I was teaching school that we had a need for a bridal shop,” says Brooke. And although her original love is calligraphy, Brooke finds it a blessing to serve others as they prepare for their wedding day. She continues to provide calligraphy for clients when time permits.

“It is one of the most emotional times in a person’s life; We love when we catch a need a bride has and get ahead of finding what they are looking for,” says Brooke. Brooke says that at White Weddings, the team ensures that their clients have what they are looking for on their special day to the point that they will research every avenue to make their clients happy. White Weddings is much more than a bridal store. For Brooke many things make her heart smile about the business and one includes the fact that her business keeps local tax dollars in the community. The support that the business has received since its grand opening five years ago allows the business to fulfill a need in the community.

Ten years from now, White Weddings is seen as expanding its mens side. Prior to Whites Weddings, many locals had to travel to northern Florida or Northern Georgia for a wedding gown. And for a big dreamer as Brooke, she sees the business growing in other markets where there is a need as well. “I am not afraid to dream big, I would love to continue collaborating with other owners and expanding our services,” says Brooke.

What makes White Weddings unique also is much more than what they provide as a local business. Brooke is a woman who truly values and supports her employees whom she calls a part of her family. “I love my employees. We are a family, that is the most rewarding part of this business is seeing them learn and grow. I make it my business to see what their vision and goals are and I always check in to see how far they are coming along with reaching them,” says Brooke.

Brooke smiles as she discusses the employees at White Weddings. “I love pouring into them. For me, you’re bringing someone into your family and I want to see them succeed,” she says. With a passion of providing phenomenal service, Brooke also prides herself in being a part of marriage ministry. My Fathers Business is a 501 C 3 organization in which her brother-in- law, Chris Kendrick and his wife, Stacy offer pre-marital and crisis counseling. Brooke and her husband, Charles both serve as Board Members and are both passionate about encouraging and motivating married couples. My Fathers Business is a Christian-based marital counseling organization, and because Brooke has seen firsthand many marriages struggling this day in age, she and her husband are determined to support and encourage those who are thinking of getting married and those who are married. It does not take long after talking to Brooke to see just how much she values marriage beyond the wedding day.

For the month of December White Weddings is having a 5-year Anniversary Finale Gown Sale 50-75% off with military receiving 75% off of gowns this month. White Weddings is located at 421 Connell Road in Valdosta. For more information about, My Fathers Business visit: www.myfathersbusinessministries.org or visit their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/myfathersbusinessmin/.