//Perfectly Priscilla Features Curvy Fashions

Perfectly Priscilla Features Curvy Fashions

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By Sharah Denton

In June of 2014 Deidre Thompson had no idea that her idea of having fashion options for curvy women would grow into a million dollar gold mine for plus sized women.  It was Deidra’s disdain for clothing either not flattering or trendy for the curvy woman that gave her the idea to have something tailored to the ideal, fashionable curvy woman.  Deidre says she has always been and loves being curvy.  However, her love for fashion was limited with what was already out there.  “I decided to fix the problem.  I wanted to make my ideal closet for when I got dressed in the morning and I felt amazing,” says Deidre.

It was during that time in 2014 and shortly after that Deidre realized that many manufacturers did not want anything to do with plus size clothing.  Deidre was determined to change that mindset and says, “I am going to change the way people look at plus size.  You want to go somewhere and feel good and it is age appropriate.”  Deidre admits that seeing her business flourish the way it has in such a short time makes her proud.  

“It teaches little girls that you are still beautiful no matter what size you are,” she says.  Deidre says it is very important to her that her brand stays true to who they are and why they were founded.  She is passionate about redefining how this generation of consumers view plus size.  

Deidre feels blessed to have a business that has grown as fast as Perfectly Priscilla has grown.  “We are so lucky to grow from something so small to so large in such a short time,” she says.  She adds that being in Valdosta, the community has really embraced her and her business with open arms.

One of her goals is to expand and open a flagstaff in downtown Valdosta and she says it will be the only store that her company will be opening.  On top of being a business owner, Deidre says she is passionate about styling customers.  “It is kind of an art project. I love styling our customers as much as I like to shop,” she says.

According to Deidre she is enjoying the opportunity of seeing the company grow as well as it being known for what they do within the community.   Perfectly Priscilla is a family owned business and they make sure that the working parents are able to be flexible with their schedules as well as balance family life.   To learn more about Perfectly Priscilla visit their website at:  www.perfectlypriscilla.com or call, (229) 469-9627.