//OPINION: Russia: friend or foe, hold it close

OPINION: Russia: friend or foe, hold it close

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Column by Gary M. Wisenbaker

A recent CBS News Poll finds that just 34 percent of Americans believe not-yet-sworn-in-President-elect Donald Trump will be a “good” or “very good” president.

Oh, my.

CBS News is part of the same cabal of pollsters, understand, that gave Democrat Hillary Clinton at least a four point national lead and winning margins in Michigan, Iowa, Pennsylvania, and Florida the Monday before November 8.

And they, like others in the “can’t-get-over-it” consortium, i.e., the cast of “Hamilton” and Meryl Streep, who refuse to accept the outcome of the election, have rededicated themselves to living in a parallel universe and “reporting” from that celestial oddity.

Talk about your “false news”.

The idea since the election is to de-legitimize PEOTUS Trump’s victory by calling into question the integrity of the voting process and insisting on recounts where, when the dust settled, votes were simply traded or Trump gained a handful here and there.

Curiously absent was the righteous indignation about Detroit tabulating 37 percent more ballots than voters. Clinton overwhelmingly carried these precincts but lost Michigan by nearly 11,000 votes, obviously not for any lack of trying.

When the recount assault failed, the Left went about undermining the integrity of the Electoral College itself by urging electors to “vote their conscience”, and not vote the way their state voted, but for another candidate. Sadly for them when all was said and done, Clinton had more elector defections than Trump. Go figure.

So they conjured up another rallying cry: “The Russians are coming!

The charge here is that Russia manipulated the election by hacking Clinton campaign chair John Podesta’s emails and giving them to WikiLeaks months before the election. The controversy erupted when the CIA reported a motive on Russia’s part: get Trump elected.

For his part, however, Wikileaks founder Julian Assange denies any Russian involvement in the emails he received and disseminated.

It would seem that there would be more interest in the actual content of those emails than how they were put in the public domain. And in that context, the fable of “The Emperor’s New Clothes” comes to mind, what with Podesta and the DNC’s hypocrisy being clearly exposed.

Pretermitting any Russian hack or Trump preference, it is highly more likely that the voters reacted to the fact that FBI Director Jim Comey re-opened the Clinton investigation days before the election when her emails were discovered on the unsecured laptop of her chief of staff’s estranged husband, disgraced New York ex-congressman Anthony Weiner.

Another part of the forced Russophobic narrative is to buttress a claim that Trump is soft on Russia. Why, he’s even proposed Rex Tillerson, a Kremlin respected uber-successful global businessman, for secretary of state. And when that’s put together with the fact that Trump himself has business dealings along the Volga, the conclusion is obvious: Putin will be unleased.

The problem with that scenario is obvious: Putin was already unleased by the Obama Administration where Clinton served as secretary of state. Just ask the Ukrainians or Crimeans or John Podesta.

Michael Corleone advised, “Hold your friends close and your enemies closer.

Geopolitically speaking, holding Russia close or closer is a good idea. China is strengthening her military presence in the South China Sea. This will introduce instability throughout South Asia and is a direct assault on American interests.

And Russia is a determined enemy of ISIS. The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

China needs a distraction to her north ISIS needs a war on two fronts. President-elect Trump understands this, apparently, better than most in Washington, DC.