//Six Great Career Pages to Learn From

Six Great Career Pages to Learn From

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VALDOSTA – I hope we have convinced you that you need a great career page to keep the top of your talent funnel filled. Career pages and email lists are also great ways to stay in touch with past applicants. Past applicants are a great source for the talent you’ll need in the future.

Last week we gave you five must-haves for a great career page (invitation from the boss, employee testimonials, culture highlights, mobile friendly and an opportunity to stay in touch). We also highlighted a couple of great career pages.

This week, we want to look at more great career pages so you will have plenty of examples to discuss with your People department and your web developer. We’ll repost the two pages we posted last week so you can have all the examples in one place.

  •  Deloitte Netherlands – We looked at this one last week and you will need to let Google translate it if you want to read the details. But, even with the language barrier, you can get a great feel for how they utilize employee “ambassadors” to allow applicants to get in touch with someone inside the organization to learn more. Great use of video as well.
  • Zappos – Always known for their culture, Zappos does a great job of highlighting the culture characteristics that they look for. They partner with the recruiting tool Jobvite for their recruiting but have not lost any of the Zappos culture in the process.
  • ITV – The British TV network does an excellent job of getting very social with their recruiting. On the Connect With Us tab you can see how your LinkedIn connections match up with ITV and follow them via all the major social channels. They are doing a great job of understanding that today’s job applicants don’t accept everything they read at face value. They investigate to figure it out on their own. Making recruiting social allows your recruits to do their own research. Hopefully, they will find someone they know who already works with you and loves the place!
  • Google – as expected, kind of amazing. Most of us cannot afford to spend like Google does (they spend $50M yearly on recruiters alone!), but we can borrow some of their best stuff. Their page is applicant focused and even offers resume tips. Understanding the effort and money they put into recruiting also helps us realize why it is so difficult to find great talent. Great companies with benefits that most of us cannot afford to pay are working hard to attract the best talent.
  • HireVue – They don’t sugarcoat it. The header states “Join HireVue and Work With the Greatest Company in the World.” Are you building the greatest company in the world and willing to state it? They’ve got sections on their core values, why you should work with them and their stories and culture.
  • Chick-fil-a – “Give More. Grow More. Be More.” is the slogan that headlines CFA’s career page. They have great stories from people at all levels of the organization and dedicated areas based on the type of position you are looking. They even have a day in the life video showing a young mom bringing both of her children to work to use the on-site childcare facilities. A lot of us cannot offer the amenities that CFA has, but make sure you highlight the many benefits that you do have.
  1. That is probably plenty of examples of great career sites for you to visit and grab ideas from. Now it is your turn to create a great career page for your company so you can attract more great talent!

Curt Fowler is President of Fowler & Company (http://valuesdrivenresults.com/) and Director at Fowler, Holley, Rambo & Stalvey (http://valdostacpa.com/). He is dedicated to helping leaders create and achieve a compelling vision for their organizations. Curt is a syndicated business writer and keynote speaker. He has an MBA in Strategy and Entrepreneurship from the Kellogg School, is a CPA, and a pretty good guy as defined by his wife and four children.