//FCA President Speaks At Luncheon

FCA President Speaks At Luncheon

Valdosta – Shane Williamson, President of FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes), had a powerful speech at a luncheon today.

Fellowship of Christian Athletes is a worldwide organization and Williamson is just one of the many involved. He spoke to the many students at Valdosta High this morning to spread God’s word. They speak throughout the area including the local schools and universities.

Williamson talked about what it was like growing up and wanting to accept Jesus Christ. You could hear the passion and intensity when he and Bobby Willis spoke that they want to lead young people to Christ.

It was definitely an honor to listen to him and have him here in Valdosta. If you want to join FCA, ask someone at your school or ask an athlete.

Someone is always available to sit down and talk with you about changing your life and wanting to know more about Jesus Christ.

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