//Vikings Improve Against Trojans In 7v7

Vikings Improve Against Trojans In 7v7

VALDOSTA – Brooks County traveled to Titletown to face Lowndes in a 7 on 7 showdown.

Looking at the Vikings’ previous 7 on 7’s against teams like Thomasville, Lee County, and Cairo, it seems that this team has improved both offensively and defensively.
A few standouts to look out for in the next 30 days are Josh Brown (CB), Willie Brown (CB), Travis Tisdale (RB/CB), Keith Holsendolph (S), Shawn Martin (S), Jamari Hill (LB), Tiberius Drocea (LB), and Gary Osby (LB/RB) for the defensive backfield. This group is extremely talented and with this being defensive coordinator, Byron Slack’s second year, they’re looking to be even better than the previous year. The Brown tandem especially, at cornerback, will be special for this team. They allow little to no yardage on their sides of the field and play the ball exceptionally well, even against bigger receivers.
On offense, at quarterback, Joe Almond and Andrew Koenemann are both solid and hit the several targets in Lowndes’ receiver corp. Some of those receivers included Ty Simms, Ghetti Brown, Christian Stephens, Cornelius Wright, and tight end, Jaylen Rowe. They also involved the running backs, Travis Tisdale and Israel Mitchell, who are just as good at catching the ball as they are running with it. All of these receivers were faster and more physical during this 7 on 7. They will certainly give some secondaries troubles during the regular season.
Although the Vikings had a rather large senior class last year, they’re looking to pick up where they left off last season as they’re improving every week leading up to the 2018-19 football season.