//Snow Place Like Snopocalypse

Snow Place Like Snopocalypse

By Sophie Sumner | ValdostaToday

Nothing beats the south Georgia heat like a refreshingly sweet snowcone, and no one knows snowcones better than the Allen family. In June of 2017, Jody and Christie Allen opened Valdosta’s most unique snowcone “stand”, Snopocalypse, a permanent indoor shop.

At Snopocalypse, there are unlimited options; go the traditional route with a blue raspberry snowcone, or be spontaneous and order the famous Georgia Delight, a concoction of peach and strawberry shaved ice with vanilla ice cream in the middle and condensed milk poured on top. There are also off-the-wall “Snowy Suggestions”, such as Blueberry Pancake, Banana Pudding, or Muddy Sneakers. Whatever flavor, the Allen family is eager to serve. They strive for a family feel, a place where people can come inside to relax and enjoy their icy treat.

“We have friends that we’ve made just from Snopocalypse, and we know their order by heart,” said Christie Allen.

Since June of last year, Snopocalypse’s business has expanded rapidly, so much that they recently opened a second location. This second store will still be very family oriented, and is being run by Jody and Christie’s son, Blake Allen. Blake, 21, is currently a student at VSU, after transferring from the University of Georgia, and has been around the snowcone business since he was young.

“I was eight when we started selling shaved ice on a little table in front of Shan’s Bait and Tackle,” said Blake Allen.

Shortly after they started their little table stand, a member of the Lowndes High Touchdown Club reached out to the Allens to bring their shaved ice to the football games, where Blake and his brother served shaved ice during middle school and early high school. This experience put Blake in the perfect position to manage Snopocalypse’s second location.

The second location has only been open for a few days, its first day being June 26th. This location is larger than the original, giving customers more room to sit down and enjoy their snowcones. The second Snopocalypse took a month longer than planned to open, but was only postponed to make sure the opening was beyond satisfactory.

“I think it was a lot harder to open the second location because the first one, we didn’t have people expecting it,” said Blake.

The second Snopocalypse’s opening day was a hit, and remains just as busy as the original. It boasts new flavors such as Orchid Vanilla Magic and Polar Punch, and will soon have Lemon.  It is located at 2902A North Ashley Street, and is open from 11 A.M. to 8 P.M. daily, and 1-8 P.M. on Sundays.