//LCS Safety and Security Review

LCS Safety and Security Review

Lowndes County Schools Press Release:

Superintendent Wes Taylor led a system-wide Safety and Security Review at the Lowndes County School Board Meeting held  June 4, 2018.   Mr. Taylor expressed safety as a priority in the school district and emphasized the importance of creating a culture of security in which all employees are cognizant of their surroundings and utilize focused supervision of our children at all times.  He also recognized the relationship between the Lowndes County School Board and the Lowndes County Sheriff’s Office including the addition of two officers at LHS and defined the distinct difference in the missions of the two entities.  In the event of an active shooter situation, our staff takes care of our students and the officers will advance to the threat to neutralize it as soon as possible.  He also referenced a concentrated effort to reduce bullying and improving discipline in each of our schools and on school buses.

Steve Coleman, Safety Coordinator with Lowndes County School System, addressed the progress made in recent months on each campus including Controlled access, certified safety plans,  additional fencing and security cameras, and lockdown drills as well as implementing teaching behind locked doors and staff identification badges being worn beginning in 2018-19.   Mr. Coleman also discussed the assistance the school district has received from the Safety and Security Office at Moody Air Force Base in providing a Vulnerability Assessment and local Homeland Security Officer, Casey Cope in reviewing our safety plans.

Lieutenant Kerry Quinn, Lowndes County Sheriff’s Office and School Resource Officer, shared the roles and responsibilities of the School Resource Officers in each school and explained the extensive training they receive in providing safe and secure schools for our students and staff.  They also conduct active shooter training on our campuses and provide the services of drug dogs when needed.

Roger Christie, Transportation Director explained the aspects of safety and security related to transporting students safely to and from school, on field trips, and extra-curricular activities.  He spoke of ensuring safe bus stops, pre and post-trip bus inspections, bus evacuation drills, and the random drug testing of drivers.

Mr. Al Rowell, Technology Director handled the Cyber Security aspect of the presentation and the various technological components utilized to keep students and staff safe as well as safeguarding student and employee data.

Mr. Taylor closed the presentation to the board by reminding them that safety and security is a team effort.  Our greatest resource is our people and we are committed to providing a safe and secure learning environment in the LCSS.