//LCS’ Nutrition Director Earns Credentials

LCS’ Nutrition Director Earns Credentials

Lowndes County Schools Press Release:

In 1997, the SNS (School Nutrition Specialist) Credentialing program came into existence to help elevate professional standards, strengthen the image of school nutrition professionals, and enhance personal performance.

On April 12, 2018, LCS’ Director of Nutrition, Donna Hendley, took and passed the exam to become one of 1,450 SNS Credentialed School Nutrition Professionals nationwide.

The exam is a comprehensive 4 hour exam that tests knowledge in the four learning areas of the School Nutrition Program set by USDA. The SNS credential is valid for 3 years, during which time, in order to keep the SNS Credential School Nutrition Professionals, must complete 15 hours of training per year, this will also meet USDA Professional Standards annual training requirements.