//CAGLE: Georgia’s Economy Achieves Record Job Creation & Employment

CAGLE: Georgia’s Economy Achieves Record Job Creation & Employment

From the Office of Casey Cagle:

ATLANTA, GA – Lt. Governor Casey Cagle joined Labor Commissioner Mark Butler in announcing this month’s historic employment report.

“Across all major indicators, this report demonstrates Georgia’s economy has never been stronger and our state continues to grow at a record pace,” said Lt. Governor Cagle.

“Partnering with Governor Deal, we’ve led to lift employment to a record high, bringing more Georgians into the workforce so they can provide for their families. In the years ahead, our $5.7 billion income tax cut will continue returning more money back into the pockets of hard working Georgians. Our College and Career Academies are building a workforce second to none. And going forward, we will only double-down on our pro-jobs, work-first policies to encourage more Georgians to get into the workforce and pursue even greater opportunities to climb up the economic ladder.”

Highlights of the May 2018 jobs report include:

  • The number of employed Georgians is at an all-time high, after increasing by 13,552 to 4,929,241
  • The labor force has grown to an all-time high of 5,144,777, after adding 6,793 new participants
  • Our economy added 6,800 jobs over the month of May and the labor force is up 76,700 over the year
  • Statewide, our unemployment rate fell to 4.2%, the lowest rate since August 2001
  • Jobs are at an all-time high because of strong month-over-month and year-over-year growth, which continues to outpace the nation
  • Construction jobs grew by 8.4% over the year
  • There were over 76,000 job postings in May
  • From May 2017 to May 2018, our state’s labor force has increased by 96,632 (1.9%), and the number of employed Georgians is up 123,039 (2.6%)

More information is available from the Georgia Department of Labor.