The Guys Who Got Kicked Out of Starbucks Settled with the City of Philadelphia for $2 Plus a $200,000 Program for New Entrepreneurs

| May 3, 2018

Courtesy of Wise Brother Media:

You might not know their names, but Rashon Nelson and Donte Robinson are the two black guys who got kicked out of a Starbucks in Philadelphia last month.

They were there for a business meeting and the guy they were meeting with hadn’t arrived yet.  When they didn’t immediately buy coffee, the manager called the cops on them.

They had a chance to sue the city for a bunch of money.  Rather than doing that, they settled for one dollar each yesterday and got the city to launch a new $200,000 initiative to help young people start their own businesses.

It’ll specifically help high school students in the Philadelphia area who are interested in being entrepreneurs.

Donte says they thought a lot about what to do, and felt like this was the best way to make an impact and actually change things for the better.


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