//Lowndes Wins Spring Winnersville Classic

Lowndes Wins Spring Winnersville Classic

VALDOSTA – For the second time ever, the Valdosta Wildcats and the Lowndes Vikings played one another in a spring scrimmage, with the Vikings winning 30-21.

At the start of the game, it seemed as though the Vikings, who went 10-1 during the 2017-2018 football season, had a step on the Wildcats. The first half was plagued with penalties for the Wildcats, halting progress for the Wildcat offense. The offense for the Vikings, on the other hand, had a good rhythm, moving the ball systematically and effectively with the help of new starting sophomore quarterback Joe Almond, junior tailback Travis Tisdale, junior receiver Ty Sims, and sophomore receiver Ghetti Brown.
Both of the offenses lost a great amount of talented seniors but are looking to fill the shoes of the previous stars.
In the second half of the scrimmage, the Wildcats came back with determination and effort that didn’t go unnoticed. The Wildcats score two unanswered touchdowns with their sophomore quarterback Tate Rodemaker, junior tailback Rajaez Mosley, freshman receiver Jaheim Bell, freshman receiver Aalah Brown, and junior receiver Justin Mitchell.
The varsity for both teams played three quarters and the end score, with the Vikings varsity being the victor, was 30-21.
The varsity teams played the first three quarters with the junior varsities playing just the fourth quarter. The Vikings came out on top of that matchup, 6-0.