//The Celebration of the New Valdosta High School

The Celebration of the New Valdosta High School

Photo By Jay Blanton 

By: Bryan Tillman

VALDOSTA – Hundreds gathered to witness the dedication and grand opening of the new Valdosta High School on Saturday, April 14.

An excited crowd of wildcat students, parents, school board members and community leaders assembled at the front steps of the new Valdosta High School to watch the ribbon-cutting and to tour the newly constructed Valdosta High School.

After two years of construction, the public got their first look at the 428,680 square foot high school that consists of 77 general classrooms, 35 specialty classrooms and 14 science labs that will offer numerous courses including college courses.

“We have Wiregrass here setting up some of their courses on our campus so we don’t have to travel to Wiregrass.” said Principal Dr. Janice Richardson.

The Valdosta Board of Education shared their excitement about this great moment in Valdosta City School’s history and for the city of Valdosta.

“I feel that it’s a great move for the city of Valdosta because we needed a new high school,” said Liz Shumphard, Valdosta Board of Education Chairman. “The progress has been great, the board is excited and the whole Valdosta area is excited.”

Mayor John Gayle, who is also a graduate of Valdosta High School, expressed his excitement and gratitude for the new high school.

“I can’t tell you what a pleasure and how excited I am today,” Gayle said. “I want to thank Dr. Cason for your leadership during this time of construction, and I especially want to thank the board in all they’ve done and their leadership.”

Mayor Gayle presented the proclamation for the new high school and declared April 14, 2018 as Valdosta High School Day.

Superintendent of Valdosta City Schools Dr. Todd Cason provided the vision for Valdosta High School.

“The vision of Valdosta City Schools is the prepare our students for infinite possibilities for their future.” Cason said. “We believe that the construction of this great facility will provide us with the tools and resources to ensure that vision will become reality.”

According to Valdosta City Schools, there are no definite plans for the old high school at this time.