//Local Teen to Compete in Shark Tank-Style Contest

Local Teen to Compete in Shark Tank-Style Contest

Press Release:

VALDOSTA​ – The Young Entrepreneurs Academy will host its 10th Annual Saunders Scholars National Conference and Competition on May 4, 2018. Student semifinalists from YEA! chapters across the country will travel to the Rochester Institute of Technology to present their business ideas to a panel of judges.

Saunders Scholars is funded by entrepreneur and philanthropist E. Philip Saunders who began paving his business dreams while working at his dad’s gas station as a teenager. He recognized the need to provide truck drivers with more than just a fill up. He went on to create a national chain of truck stops known as Travel Centers of America.

Cedric Montgomery, Lowndes High School junior and local YEA! Semifinalist was selected to compete in the final competition after successfully pitching his business, BEE The Change Farms, to local business leaders in the YEA! Semifinals.

BEE The Change Farms is on the front lines of the battle to save our bees. Cedric sells BEE The Change Honey: it’s all natural, raw and unfiltered, and locally produced. But, what makes his company special is that he donates 10% of his profits to bee research efforts.