//Christian fraternity members mentor Valdosta teens

Christian fraternity members mentor Valdosta teens

By: Emma Wheeler | WCTV Eyewitness News 

VALDOSTA, Ga. (WCTV) — Community members in Valdosta are stepping up to keep kids safe.

Members of Nu Phi Upsilon Christian Fraternity Inc. spoke with students at the Boys and Girls Club of Valdosta Tuesday. They are mentoring kids about bullying, persevering through life’s challenges and staying off the streets.

Fraternity member Dafford Madison began the project and says they want to be an extra resource and provide support for kids who might not have it elsewhere.

He added their goal is to give every student a safe and bright future, turning them away from the streets and back to a positive path.

“If we don’t look out for our kids who will? When we’re dead and gone, who’s going to keep the United States running? Right now our youth has no vision, so we want to put in place a vision for our youth so they will be successful in life,” Madison said. “I’m hoping that the speech that we give, that not just they learn from this but they also change their hearts, change their mind and don’t want to be in the streets. They want to just come home, do what mom and dad tell them to do, and most of all get back in the church because church is where you’re going to get your strength from.”

Bill Holt, Boys and Girls Club of Valdosta Vice President of Operations, said speakers come every week to teach the students different messages and show them love.

“We’re going to do that as much as we can, give them positive messages. We want to protect them, but also make sure that you’re getting what you need. Not just to be a productive member of society, but we need people. These kids are going to be the ones taking care of you and me,” Holt said. “Our goal is to make sure that you know that, you know that you’re valued, that you’re loved here, if you need help we can find help. If you need something to get you where you want to go, we’re going to, we’re going to find some way to do that.”

Madison and his group hope to meet with kids every week, as well as start working with Valdosta City Schools.

Madison said his church, Joyous Praise, is open for anyone that may need help.