LHS Held Shark Tank Event

| March 11, 2018

Lowndes County Schools Press Release:

Leanne Sims, American Literature teacher at LHS, recently held her second Shark Tank event.  This event allows students to use their speaking and listening skills combined with persuasive techniques to “pitch” a product to a team of judges…or “Sharks”. Much like the hit show “Shark Tank”, local business owners serve as our judges for Honors American Literature students. Our Media Specialists work with students who must have a technology component to their presentation or pitch. Judges rank students according to their creativity, product feasibility, and overall presentation. Sponsors such as Smallcakes, Texas Roadhouse, Jimmy John’s, and Chick-fil-A Valdosta Mall made this event possible and an authentic learning experience for students.


1st        Alexis Silveira  “The Wear-a-Bud Pendant” (Won 2 free meals at Texas Roadhouse)

2nd      Caleb Chaney “Personal Fit Mix” ($10.00 Jimmy John’s gift certificate)

3rd       Mackenzie Mann “Gas for U” (Free Chick-fil-a combo Valdosta Mall)


1st       Carla Ray “PopIt” (Won 2 free meals at Texas Roadhouse)

2nd      Truman Crow “Tru Foods Company” ($10.00 Jimmy John’s gift certificate)

3rd       Joshua Register “Perpendicular Charger” (Free Chick-fil-a combo Valdosta Mall)

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