//American Red Cross Spring Storm Safety Tips

American Red Cross Spring Storm Safety Tips

American Red Cross Press Release:

The American Red Cross wants to remind people of some critical tips to stay safe during severe weather.

Red Cross Officials said there are several things you can do right now to prep your family and your home for the threat of severe weather heading our way today and later tonight.

“Based on what took place in early 2017, it is always better to be prepared ahead of time, as much as possible,” said South Georgia American Red Cross Executive Director, Terri Jenkins.

Officials recommended prepping an emergency kit. That includes at least a gallon of water per person per day, non-perishable food items and lots of batteries. But Jenkins said you should also keep your home ready. “Make sure you have your trees and shrubs well pruned. Make sure that you’ve got things, such as patio furniture or children’s toys out and about in the yard because those things could be used as projectiles against the side of your house,” explained Jenkins.

After you get the essentials, Jenkins wants you to know the difference between a storm warning and a watch.

“A watch is when you’ve got severe weather potentially coming in your area and a warning is, you’ve got severe weather in your area,” said Jenkins. Watch or warning, Jenkins wants you and your family to be ready to go to a safe place in your home away from windows. “Being able to be prepared will offer a sense of calm in the midst of the storm,” said Jenkins.

The American Red Cross offers other tips for the 2018 Spring Storm Season. Please go to the “American Red Cross of South Georgia” Facebook page for more information.