A Woman Tried to Kill Her Doppelganger with a Poisoned Cheesecake to Steal Her Identity

| March 2, 2018

Wise Brother Media – A 42-year-old woman in Brooklyn named Viktoria Nasyrova came to America from Russia in 2014 after she allegedly murdered someone.

Then in 2016, Viktoria met a 35-year-old woman named Olga Ysvyk and noticed that they looked almost identical, which gave her an idea.

In August of 2016, Viktoria baked a poisoned cheesecake filled with Russian tranquilizers and gave it to her doppelganger so Olga would die and she could take over her identity.

But the cheesecake did not kill Olga; it just knocked her out for about a day.  When she woke up, she found Viktoria had dressed her in lingerie and was staging her apartment to make it look like a suicide scene.

Viktoria was arrested in March of last year, and she was finally arraigned this week on attempted murder charges.

She’s facing up to 25 years in prison.

(CW 11 – New York City / New York Daily News

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