A Grandma Says Her Grandson Tricked Her Into Smuggling Him Drugs in Prison

| March 7, 2018

Wise Brother Media – If there’s one trick to getting your grandma to do anything for you, it’s making her think it’ll lead to you calling her more often.

A guy named Cody Clements is in prison in Memphis, Tennessee.  And on Saturday, he asked his 68-year-old grandma, Sarah Griffin, to smuggle him in a cell phone.

He had a friend give her a bag of Doritos with the cell phone inside, and she passed it to him.

But a guard saw the exchange and asked to look at the bag.  And it turned out there wasn’t a cell phone inside; it was a bunch of meth, ecstasy, heroin, and painkillers wrapped in black electrical tape.

Sarah told the guards she didn’t know she was smuggling drugs, she thought she was smuggling in a cell phone.

But now SHE’S in jail facing a contraband charge which could get her up to six years.  Meanwhile Cody is only doing three years for aggravated burglary.

(CBS 3 – Memphis

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