Olive Garden Just Rolled Out New Lasagna Nachos

| February 2, 2018

Wise Brother Media – You probably haven’t eaten pasta with your hands since you were a toddler.  And it’s about time that changed.

Olive Garden just rolled out a new food that’s, basically, LASAGNA NACHOS.  They’re calling them “Loaded Pasta Chips” which is a worse name than LASAGNA NACHOS.  Because that’s what they are.  LASAGNA NACHOS.

Here’s what that means . . .

1.  Instead of chips, they use fried lasagna noodles.

2.  They’re covered in two sauces:  A meat sauce with chunks of chicken, meatballs, and sausage . . . and a little bit of Alfredo sauce.

3.  And they’re covered in two types of cheese:  Mozzarella and Parmesan.

They’re available now, if you want to be the hero who brings them to a Super Bowl party.  And they’ll be on sale through the end of March.




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