//Kennesaw State Gets New Rings

Kennesaw State Gets New Rings

Kennesaw State competed in just their third years as a football program and already won the Big South Title and made it to the FCS Quarterfinals in 2017.

In their third year as a program, Kennesaw State went 11-1 and won the Big South Title. It’s pretty impressive if you start winning titles in only the third year. They just received their new rings for winning the Big South. Hopes are high for 2018.

Kennesaw State will open the 2018 season at Georgia State on Thursday, August 30th.

Kennesaw State’s Rings: http://www.ajc.com/sports/check-out-kennesaw-state-big-south-championship-rings/epE8by6WJI1HsnaObY2CPI/