//Justin and Devan Martin: Faith, Family and Servant-hood

Justin and Devan Martin: Faith, Family and Servant-hood

By Sharah Denton

Serving the community and making a difference are things both Justin and his wife Devan are committed to. Both natives of Valdosta, Justin says that their love of community runs deep.

“It has been our observation over both our lives here in Valdosta of the compassion of this community,” says Justin. He adds that he and his wife are both encouraged by that compassion to give back to their community with the support local, live local attitude.

As small business owners themselves, they are also committed to supporting other entrepreneurs to ensure efforts of tax dollars are working within the community. “We are enthusiastic about community support of our youth, charitable causes, and the less fortunate,” Justin adds.

Devan serves on various committees in the Valdosta Junior Service League as well as put her time in many agencies to perpetuate their missions within the community. To that effort, Devan and Justin have both participated with the United Way in fundraising efforts.

“I have worked with LAMP (Lowndes Associated Ministries to People, Inc.) to help solve and limit our homelessness issue. Devan and I have supported the Arts here locally through the Annette Howell Turner Center for the Arts and also Peach State Summer Theater to enhance the cultural opportunities here locally,” adds Justin.

Both Devan and Justin note that family, work and giving back all mandate balance. Having a huge support system allows both husband and wife to do the things they are doing in the community without taking too much away from their time together.

“Family is our number one priority in our lives, so even on busy days, we find time to spend with our family. Whether it is a quick meal at a restaurant, or a big lunch after church, our family time usually involves food and a lot of fun! We see our parents and siblings several times a week and we wouldn’t have it any other way,” says Justin.

Last July, the Martins welcomed a healthy and happy baby boy, Harrison. The Martins add that their son reminds them both of why they works so hard. Both want to ensure that Harrison has a strong work ethic, love for family and a compassion for others.

“We have both experienced adversity in our lives, and we always look forward with hope to the future. We want to teach him to treat his elders with respect, and his peers with compassion and love,” says Justin. Both he and his wife want Harrison to understand the value of hard work paying off although it should never stop.

“Ultimately, we want him to be a good citizen and a good friend,” says Justin.

The Martins are committed members of Park Avenue United Methodist Church and strongly believe that their faith is the foundation of their marriage, businesses, friendships, and their family. “It is through the love and grace God shows us every day that we desire to give back and help others,” adds Justin. The Martins love their community and plan to stay forever because of the love and support their community has provided them.