//HMS Students Complete Robotics Module

HMS Students Complete Robotics Module

 HES 5th graders, Kaedyn Fiveash, Ryan Bellflowers, and Lee Brunston 

Lowndes County Schools Press Release:

Students in the 5th-grade Discovery program at Hahira Elementary School recently completed a Robotics module through a Project Lead the Way grant. Project Lead the Way is a non-profit organization that works to provide students with challenging, real-world situations in the pathways of computer science, engineering, and biomedical science that engage the students to think critically and creatively to solve problems.

HES 5th graders were tasked with a robotics problem. Students researched robotic history and learned about particular types of robots used in the real world, including those developed to complete tasks too dangerous for humans. Students gained an understanding of a variety of input and output devices, including a motor, bumper switch, touch LED, color sensor, and a controller through hands-on experiences. They then worked collaboratively with a partner using engineering skills to design, sketch, and build a model of a toy using VEX IQ components. For their final, culminating project, students designed, modeled, and tested a remotely operated robot that could remove hazardous materials from a disaster site.

Throughout the module, students learned that engineers and designers create new products and technology to address human needs or wants that meets specific criteria for success, including constraints on materials, time, and cost. They learned to collaborate and communicate as they generated and compared multiple possible solutions to problems based on real-world issues.