//Venum Vapur: Helping the Community Kick Cigarettes

Venum Vapur: Helping the Community Kick Cigarettes

Venum Vapur Manager Tony Causby with Black Crow Media’s Sam Reeves. 

By Sharah Denton

VALDOSTA – Venum Vapur has been in the Valdosta Community since June 2014, specializing in quality juices, customer service and a comfortable environment.

The idea to open in Valdosta came from the success the business had in Albany.

“Customers were traveling far to come purchase our products so we wanted to bring Venum’s customer care and quality products to other regions,” said Manager Tony Causby, “We would just like to say that we are here to help anyone wanting to quit smoking or otherwise and we appreciate every one of our customers.”

It is because of Venum Vapur that at least eight members of the Black Crow Media staff were able to give up cigarettes, making the business a now smoke-free environment.

“We just offered the staff at Black Crow Media advice on the best way to  approach vaping as an option for quitting and listen to their concerns as well as their needs,” Causby said. “We try to always make everyone feel comfortable and invited so they are more open to sharing and asking more questions.”

He adds that at the shop the employees take time to understand what type of device a customer may need and the level of nicotine they use so their specific needs can be met.

Black Crow Media Sales Director Ruby spoke highly about the experience in working with Venum Vapur.

“I was a closet smoker for years; I don’t like to admit that I had that problem. The wonderful folks at Venom Vapur not only explained everything to me, but also set me up and I was smoke free immediately,” said Black Crow Media Sales Director Ruby Riesinger. “I quit smoking early last year and now I really can breathe a sigh of relief for all the positive changes in my life including a younger voice.”

Venum Vapur is located at 1575 Baytree Rd and can be reached at (229) 469-6871.