//Urban Bishop: Committed to Making a Positive Impact

Urban Bishop: Committed to Making a Positive Impact

By Sharah Denton

Valdosta native, Dr. Adrian Rivers loves his community.

“Being in Valdosta has been one of the most fulfilling experiences of my life. In my time here, I have gained many experiences that have molded me into becoming the person that I am today,” says Rivers.

For Rivers making a positive impact in the community is something that motivates him in all aspects of his life whether its his church, friends, co-workers or various community organizations he is affiliated with. “My life was impacted as a teenager by some remarkable individuals. It’s this same impact that has become the driving force behind everything that I am and everything I am involved in. I believe those individuals truly cared about my well-being. I am passionate about my service to Valdostians, and I want to share this amazing feeling with everyone,” says Rivers.

Young, poised and talented, Rivers understands his brand. “Urban Bishop is a new initiative that really describes who I am. I started pastoring at 23 and I was always viewed as different. I fought this for quite some time. Recently, I have really embraced that I am destined to be different,” says Rivers. The Urban Bishop brand means he is simply the community’s Bishop. “I am the community’s servant. It’s a serving initiative where I want to be viewed as a person that is willing to help anyone. It does not matter what color or side of town a person stays—I want them to know that I am here. It is also an initiative that allows young leaders to see that you can be young and still lead,” says Rivers. Rivers hopes that “Urban Bishop” inspires young people in the community to maintain hope.

Rivers says that Valdosta is filled with some of the most talented people who have the capability of really revolutionizing the area. “Valdosta is such an awesome place for a visionary. For a person that has a vision to impact his or her community in a positive way, why wouldn’t I want to live among people that have that ability,” says Rivers. For the Urban Bishop, Valdosta is the perfect fit for him to be free and become his creative self. He acknowledges that Valdosta is the breeding ground for success. A graduate of both Valdosta High School and Valdosta State University, Rivers understands how impactful his education is with his leadership and service. As a visionary himself, Rivers also says that within his leadership he has the platform to lead individuals into a better tomorrow.

Rivers serves on various Boards such as Southside Library Boosters, Lowndes Associated Ministries to People (LAMP) and an Executive Board Member for the Southside Recreation Center. He also hosts a weekly radio show on 107.9 The Beat, called “Let’s Talk Live.” On top of all his community involvement, Rivers is also the Lead Worker for Investigation at the Department of Family and Children Services and is the Bishop of Kingdom Builders Deliverance Center.

“My vision is to see every child with a quality education and seeing their teachers feeling valued for all of their hard work. A better tomorrow includes the generation of today and tomorrow. Today we must work and hope so that tomorrow can encompass all that my ancestors fought and died for,” says Rivers.