Guy Tricks a Valet Into Giving Him Someone’s Ferrari; Gets Arrested When Cops Find Cocaine Inside

| January 25, 2018

Wise Brother Media – For one brief, beautiful moment last summer, this guy was so cool.  And then it all came crashing down.

A 28-year-old guy named Levi Miles met a 24-year-old woman named Chloe Rimmer at a fancy hotel in St. Petersburg, Florida back in July.

And he wanted to impress her, so he pointed to a $300,000 Ferrari parked out front, said it was his . . . and managed to trick the valet into giving him the keys.  Then he and Chloe drove off.

But they were quickly pulled over because the taillights were out.  And when the cops searched the car, they found two grams of COCAINE in the center console.  I think that comes standard with a $300,000 Ferrari, right?  So Levi and Chloe were arrested.

The cops eventually sorted everything out . . . but that just made it worse for Levi.  He’s facing charges of grand theft, cocaine possession, and driving with a suspended license.

Chloe avoided all those charges, but she had marijuana in her purse, so she’s facing a possession charge.

And the REAL owner of the Ferrari just filed a lawsuit against the hotel for giving his car to some random dude.


(Tampa Bay Times)

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