//VPD Showcases New Body Cams

VPD Showcases New Body Cams

Valdosta – The Valdosta Police Department has new body cameras which are allowing officers to spend less time uploading video and more time on the streets.

Patrolman Derrek Manning explains that these cameras are able to upload video to the station directly from the field whereas the old cameras required officers to drive back to the station and physically upload video to the system.

Videos are uploaded using the WiFi hotspots inside each patrol car with every video transfer being fully encrypted from end to end.

“We are able to upload and label videos from the field in real time,” Manning said. “With more field time, we are able to stay out in the community and patrol our streets. This is going to save a lot of man hours.”

Every VPD officer wears a camera and is required to film anytime they are dealing with a call. Each camera records both video and audio and are fully tamper proof, meaning there is no way to edit or delete the video recorded.

Manning added that these cameras are vital in any use of force situation.

“A use of force situation can be complex, but we are able to pull footage from these cameras and see exactly what occurred,” Manning said. “When people file a complaint, we are also able to look back at footage.”