//Goodwill Industries Provide Career Opportunities for the Community

Goodwill Industries Provide Career Opportunities for the Community


By Sharah Denton

Goodwill is more than a place where you can donate your items and shop. In Valdosta-Lowndes County, Goodwill provides free GED classes, ESL classes, interview skills classes and job fairs. On December 20 Goodwill will host a Resume Building 101 workshop with the City of Valdosta at the annex. The workshop starts at 11.30 a.m. and is part of a partnership with have with the City to offer onsite classes to prepare people for employment. They have a Job Connections Networking workshop with ProPars on Dec. 22 as well.

According to Goodwill Career Center Manager Keyara Hamilton, “We provide services and tools that connect clients to the resources they need to progress. We assist every client that enters our center- a referral to an agency for a request ‘non’ employment related, job readiness training and development, or an employer seeking great candidates – we believe in the power of work in the form of employment and personal ‘action.”

Goodwill is able to provide free career services due to the fact that community donations through their retail stores fund those service. Goodwill is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to develop people, change live and build communities. To learn more about Goodwill check out this video featuring Keyara Hamilton, Career Center Manager here: YouTube