A Guy Tries to Intervene in a Couple’s Fight and Gets Thrown Off a Bridge

| December 13, 2017

(Wise Brother Media) – It’s hard being a Good Samaritan these days, when it seems like everyone in the world has gone insane.

A 25-year-old guy named Gregory Rottjer from Derby, Connecticut was arguing with his 22-year-old girlfriend Jennifer Hannum on a bridge on Thanksgiving.

It looked like it was really escalating, so a guy who was walking by tried to intervene to make sure everything was okay.

And Gregory threw him off the bridge.  He fell 45 feet, into ice cold water.

Fortunately, he was rescued quickly and he survived, but he was seriously injured and is STILL recovering.

The police just finished their investigation, and Gregory was arrested on Tuesday for attempted murder, assault, and reckless endangerment.

And Jennifer was arrested for interfering with police because she lied to the cops when they interviewed her.

(Hartford Courant

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