A Bank Robber Says He Knew He’d Get Caught, but Just Hoped He’d Make It Through the Holidays First

| December 8, 2017

Wise Brothers Media – When someone says they’re “just trying to make it through the holidays,” this usually isn’t what they mean . . .

A guy in Milwaukee named Curtis Trotter robbed a bank at gunpoint last week, and ran off with about $8,000.  But he didn’t get far.

A police officer in an unmarked cop car spotted him two blocks away . . . chased him down on foot . . . got him in cuffs . . . and they recovered all the money.

Then after he was booked, someone asked if he really thought he could rob a bank and not get arrested for it.

And he said he figured they’d catch him . . . but maybe not until, quote, “after Christmas or something.”

He’s facing charges for robbery and possession of a firearm during the commission of a federal crime.



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