//New Executive Director of Habitat Continuing Vision

New Executive Director of Habitat Continuing Vision

By: Sharah Denton

Community Service has a way of pulling you in to serve in higher levels. For the new Executive Director of Habitat for Humanity in Valdosta, Molly Ferrier, that is just what ended up happening.

Prior to attending her first semester of undergraduate classes she volunteered at Habitat for Humanity in Vermont. After graduate school, Molly served in the US Peace Corps in Mongolia. After serving, she came back home to Valdosta. With a background in Social Work, Ferrier saw firsthand the challenges that many families in communities were facing. Molly’s purpose was revealed to her as she worked closely with the late, Stuart Mullis. It was during her time as a volunteer with Stuart that Molly realized she was passionate about the organization and its impact in the community

“I want to see people succeeding. We truly set people up to succeed and get out of poverty. It’s my passion, it is where I am supposed to be,” says Molly.

Although her time as a volunteer was originally planned to be short term, she had an opportunity to work for the organization and move her way up.

“I want to continue the work Stuart was doing. We really want to get into the repair work as well as continuing building houses,” says Molly.

Molly credits working with Stuart for being her mentor and teaching her what she knows about the organization.

“I have some big shoes to fill. I miss Stuart, I am just trying to make him proud,” says Molly.

Molly is excited about her new role although she misses her mentor and is making sure that she carries on his vision for where Habitat is going for years to come.

Habitat for Humanity is always looking for volunteers to assist with the Re-Store and building houses. On November 11-18th the organization held a Building On Faith work site where local churches came together to volunteer, pray and provide food and funds.

On Saturday, February 10th they will be hosting their annual Silent Birdhouse Silent Auction at the Valdosta Country Club. For more information contact Molly Ferrier at 229-245-1330 ext 24 or mferrier@valdostahabitat.org