Kid Rock Says He Isn’t Running for the Senate and Mocks the People Who Believed Him

| October 25, 2017



(Wise Brothers Media) – If it wasn’t obvious already, Kid Rock is not running for a Michigan Senate seat next year.  He confirmed that it was a joke in a radio interview yesterday, and he actually kind of mocked the people who believed him.

He said, quote, “[Eff] no, I’m not running for [U.S.] Senate.  Are you [effing] kidding me?  Who [effing] couldn’t figure that out? I’m releasing a new album on November 3rd or something like that . . . I’m going on tour too . . . [eff] no!”

There’s been talk of Kid running as a Republican against Democratic incumbent Debbie Stabenow in the 2018 election for the past eight months.  A lot of people knew it was a joke, even Ted Nugent called it, but others were duped.

Of course, Kid spent a lot of time lying about it, including in July when he ripped the media for calling it a publicity stunt, and insisted, quote, “This is NOT a hoax.”  But to recap, this WAS a publicity stunt, and it WAS a hoax.

So, who’s slingin’ the fake news now?  And just to be clear, there was NEVER a time when he was sincere about it.

He said, quote, “Someone said I was going to run for Senate in Michigan and I’m like, ‘[Eff] it, let’s get some signs made.’  We start going with it, and everyone gets their panties in a bunch!

“I have people that work for me, they’re on the in, I’m like, ‘[Eff] no, we’re not doing it, but let’s roll with it for a little while.’  I’m like, ‘This is awesome!’  And I have one of them call me, and he goes, ‘Dude is this really happening?’

“I’m like, ‘You’re in the in!  What the [eff] are you talking about!?'”

The new album he’s hyping is called “Sweet Southern Sugar”, and it does come out on November 3rd.  It’s available for pre-order now.  His tour is called the ‘Greatest Show on Earth,’ and it’ll kick off on January 19th.  Tickets go on sale next week.

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