Lowndes Officials: Current Forecast Indicates Extremely Dangerous Conditions

| September 9, 2017


Lowndes County, Georgia – Lowndes County is officially under a Hurricane Watch.  The current forecast from the National Weather Service indicates extremely dangerous conditions.



– LATEST LOCAL FORECAST: Equivalent Strong Tropical Storm force wind

– Peak Wind Forecast: up to 80 mph sustained with gusts in excess of 100 mph

– Window for Tropical Storm force winds: early Monday morning until early Tuesday morning



– The wind threat has remained nearly steady from the previous assessment.

– Emergency planning should include a reasonable threat for hurricane force wind of 74 to 110 mph of equivalent Category 1 to 2 intensity.

– To be safe, aggressively prepare for the potential of extensive wind impacts. Efforts should now be underway to secure all properties.

– Dangerous and life-threatening wind is possible. Failure to adequately shelter may result in serious injury or loss of life.



– Major damage to frame built homes, with some experiencing partial roof or wall collapse. Numerous windows and garage doors will fail, leading to additional structural damage.

Mobile homes significantly damaged, with many destroyed.

Damage increased by large projectiles. Locations may be uninhabitable for days to weeks.

– Numerous large trees snapped or uprooted with roadway signs blown over.

– Some primary and many secondary roads are impassible due to debris.

– Significant power and communication outages; potentially lasting for weeks.




– Peak Rainfall Amounts: 6-10 inches, with locally higher amounts



– The flooding rain threat has increased from the previous assessment.

– Emergency planning should include a reasonable threat for moderate flooding where peak rainfall totals notably exceed amounts conducive for flash flooding and rapid inundation.

Rescues and emergency evacuations are possible.

– To be safe, earnestly prepare for the potential of significant flooding rain impacts.

– Dangerous flooding is possible. Failure to take action may result in serious injury or loss of life. If flood related watches and warnings are issued, heed recommended actions.



– Moderate flooding from rainfall will prompt extra preparation to protect property from flooding in low lying areas. Isolated evacuations may become necessary.

– Rivers and associated tributary creeks and streams will rise to bankfull levels and possibly reach flood stage.

Runoff will fill area holding ponds and drainage ditches, increasing the potential for urban flooding with additional rainfall.

– Flood waters will approach structures in low lying areas.

Urban flooding will result in isolated road closures.

Dangerous driving conditions.




– Situation is somewhat favorable for tornadoes



– The tornado threat has remained nearly steady from the previous assessment.

– Emergency planning should include a reasonable threat for isolated tornadoes, mostly with shorter and narrower damage paths.

– To be safe, prepare for the potential of limited tornado impacts.

– Listen for tornado watches and warnings. Be ready to shelter quickly if a tornado approaches.



– Isolated tornadoes are expected, resulting in a notable impact to affected communities.

– Isolated areas affected by tornadoes will experience minor damage, including some damage to structures and sporadic power and communication outages.

– A few structures will be damaged by tornadoes, mainly with loss of shingles or siding. Some mobile homes will be significantly damaged, especially those unanchored. Large trees will be snapped or uprooted.



Those residing in mobile homes should seek more adequate shelter from this storm.  No one should remain in a recreational vehicle.  Additional shelters will be opened as needed and as space becomes available.  Those seeking shelter should bring any personal items that may be needed to include medications, bedding, infant supplies to include formula and diapers, etc.  Shelters are currently open at the following locations:

CrossPointe Church, 4100 North Valdosta Road, Valdosta (no pets)

Park Avenue United Methodist Church, 100 East Park Avenue, Valdosta (some pet space)


DO NOT TRAVEL UNTIL SEVERE WEATHER HAS COMPLETELY MOVED THROUGH THE AREA.  Do not under any circumstances drive across flooded roads, streets, or bridges.  Public safety will continue to respond to the needs of citizens.  Citizens should be aware there could be some delay in response if wind speeds sustain a level at which public safety vehicles cannot safely respond.


Lowndes County Emergency Management will continue to update media outlets throughout this event.  In the event of an emergency, downed power lines, or debris in a roadway, dial 911.  Please do not call 911 for weather updates, traffic information, or to ask if the storm has passed.  Dispatchers will be very busy assisting public safety personnel and managing needs related to actual emergencies.  Citizens are encouraged to sign up for Lowndes County’s free emergency notification system, CodeRed, by visiting www.lowndescounty.com, and clicking on the storm icon.  Every home and business should also have a working NOAA weather radio in the event all power is lost.  Black Crow Media and Rivers Radio Group radio stations will also broadcast updates from the emergency operations center as information becomes available.

Please visit www.ready.ga.gov for information on preparing you home for Hurricane Irma.  Additional information will be released as it becomes available.  For more information, please contact Lowndes County Public Information Officer, Paige Dukes, 229-671-2400 or pdukes@lowndescounty.com.

Voluntary Evacuation in Place for Lowndes County
Lowndes County Hurricane Irma Update
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