Valdosta City Schools to close, Scintilla Charter Academy to release early for solar eclipse

| August 16, 2017

Please remember that the solar eclipse presents eye-danger for anyone looking directly at the sun without proper protective eyewear.  Guidelines for watching the eclipse have been issued by NASA.

Release from Scintilla Charter Academy

After much consideration and weighing all possible options, we have chosen to dismiss Scintilla Charter Academy scholars at 12:00 noon on August 21, 2017 as a precautionary measure.  We fully grasp the learning opportunity this historic eclipse presents and we will spend class time providing in-depth instruction about the event that will include important safety information.

In order to ensure our scholar’s safety, we have chosen to make this difficult decision. Scholars should be picked up promptly at noon.  IGNITE is also cancelled. 

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  1. Mary C Freelove says:

    why? First, if you really just want them out of the sun, just keep them in their homeroom for the few minutes the eclipse lasts, or better, explain to them that looking at the sun could hurt their eyes, give each one 2 sheets of typing paper, one with a pin hole. Have them hold the paper with the pinhole over the other paper. An image of the eclipse will be projected through the pin hole, like a photograph.