//Two men dress as women to case Thomasville bank

Two men dress as women to case Thomasville bank

THOMASVILLE, Ga. – At first glance, surveillance video from Farmer’s Merchant Bank in Thomasville looks normal. But after a closer look, it’s not what’s happening in the video raising concerns; it’s who.

“I’ve never heard of anyone doing anything like that before. I’ve seen people with ski masks and different kind of masks, but never dressing up like a woman,” said Jason Pinkard, a Thomasville resident.

According to authorities, two men walked into the bank saying they wanted to open an account. Investigators say the two suspects were there casing the bank, hoping to rob it.

“People will go through any kind of lengths so they can get anything they want to get. Me myself, if I don’t have the money to get something, I don’t get it,” Jason said.

FMB wasn’t the duo’s only stop in town. They also stopped by the SunTrust bank in Thomasville.

“A lot of times they will hit smaller towns because they’re easyin and easy out. You won’t have some of the traffic jams you have in larger cities,” explained Lt. Tim Watkins with the Thomas County Sheriff’s Office.

Investigators say technology makes catching up with thieves a lot easier, but that usually doesn’t happen until a crime has already been committed. They say preventing the crime is the issue.

“Financial crimes are always probably our top crime that we work in terms of volume; people just want to get something for nothing,” Watkins said.

The two men are now in jail in Madison County, Florida. They were arrested along with two other men following a bank robbery at the Wells Fargo Bank on Highway 90 on August 25.

(WCTV Eyewitness News)