//Police: Suspects stopped in Valdosta during multi-state crime spree

Police: Suspects stopped in Valdosta during multi-state crime spree

VALDOSTA  (WCTV) – Five suspects have been arrested in connection to a series of crimes in Florida, Georgia and Tennessee, including multiple vehicle burglaries in Valdosta.

Valdosta Police say Miguel James Harvey, 18, Karvis Christian David, 20, Dean Hyatt, 19, and two 17-year-old suspects were taken into custody in Coffee County, Tennessee last week.

WCTV is choosing not to identify the juvenile suspects due to their age.

On August 16, VPD was contacted by officials in Coffee County who had apprehended the suspects in a stolen vehicle and recovered several items reported stolen out of Valdosta.

An investigation revealed that the items had been stolen from vehicles at the Drury Inn on North Saint Augustine Road on August 15.

Coffee County Investigators say three of the suspects confessed to leaving the Fort Lauderdale area on the August 14 in the stolen vehicle.

They allegedly confessed to traveling to Brunswick, Georgia where they broke into a police officer’s vehicle and stole his duty weapon and badge. Police say they also admitted to breaking into vehicles in Valdosta.

Police say the suspects then traveled up I-75 to Byron, Georgia where they sold some items to the pawn shop, continued to Augusta, Georgia and visited family. They were then apprehended in Tennessee.

The Fort Lauderdale Police Department also contacted the Valdosta Police Department about two of the offenders possibly being connected to a rape. Arrest warrants were issued for the two 17-year-old suspects, accused of livestreaming a gang rape on Facebook.

Additionally, one of juveniles was determined to be a person of interest in a Fort Lauderdale homicide. Fort Lauderdale homicide detectives traveled to Tennessee over the weekend to interview the five suspects.

All five suspects are charged with felony theft from a vehicle and criminal trespassing in connection to the vehicle burglaries in Valdosta. Officials say the Byron Police Department is seeking further warrants for Karvis Christian David.

Detectives were able to recover a total of $10,468.00 of stolen property from the Valdosta area in the case.