Papayas, protein bars and more on Georgia food recall list

| August 11, 2017

The following is a summary of new or updated/expanded food recalls impacting Georgia. For specific product identifiers (lot codes, expiration dates, etc.) and additional recall info, please click the links, which will redirect you to the official recall notice.

Hudson Valley Foods, Inc. – Amrita Bars in various flavors because they have the potential to be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes. The protein bars were distributed across the country via retail stores, e-commerce and direct sales, with best buy dates 04/24/2018 to 05/31/2018.

Fairway brand Cookies Blondie for undeclared allergen ingredient (walnuts). The product was sold directly to consumers through home delivery programs provided by Fairway E-commerce, Google and Instacart.

Food safety concerns associated with PAPAYAS in the U.S.: 
Papayas packed by the company Carica de Campeche may be contaminated with Salmonella and several recalls are ongoing in relation to an ongoing foodborne illness outbreak believed to be linked to the fruit. Recalls are limited to states outside of GA, but product may have been further distributed, with limited information available for all retailers and small produce dealers that could potentially have sold the product in the marketplace. Information about recalled products available at this time:

  • Freshtex Produce “Valery” brand Maradol Papayas distributed to Illinois (July 10-13), identifiable by the “Valery” name on the box and label grown and packed by Carica de Campeche.
  • Agroson’s LLC Maradol Papaya Cavi Brandgrown and packed by Carica de Campeche, distributed to wholesalers in NY, CT, and NJ (July 16 -19) and further distributed to retail consumers and were available for sale until July 31. Consumers can identify the papayas by PLU sticker, cavi MEXICO 4395.
  • Grande Produce Papaya Maradol (with the brand name Caribeña labeled on cartons) distributed in Maryland (July 10-19). El Espanol: Grande Produce emite retiro voulantrio del mercado de una cantidad limitada de Papaya “Caribeña” por un potencial de riesgo contra la salud.”
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