New school times, enrollment increase for Valdosta City Schools

| August 8, 2017

VALDOSTA – The morning rush at Sallas Mahone Elementary as kids head back to school Monday morning.

Administrators say there are more than a hundred new students walking the hallways.

Valdosta City Schools is seeing a new high record for enrollment this year.

They say they have more than 300 new students total.

Monday was also the first day of earlier start times at Sallas Mahone. This year, it’s 30 minutes earlier at 7:45 a.m.

“We’re adjusting to it and making changes around all of our schedules,” says Kira Williams, dropping off her two nieces.

VCS says a major reason behind the change was the benefit of more time for high schoolers to sleep and study.

The elementary schools now start earlier and the middle and high schools start later.

“I had to work on getting them to bed earlier knowing that they were going to have to get up earlier because of the new start time,” says Jesse Sheeley, a Sallas Mahone parent.

Like many others, Sheeley is finding ways to make it work for his two daughters.

He says the change in time and enrollment isn’t to blame for the first day jitters.

“The ride up was good and both of them were really excited,” says Sheeley. “Hopefully they have a good day.”

Many parents are falling into their new morning routine, while they watch their kids take on another school year.

(WCTV Eyewitness News)

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5 Comments on "New school times, enrollment increase for Valdosta City Schools"

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  1. Valhalla says:

    The new start time sucks, but hey, you have to get that morning football practice in. Please quit telling us it’s because of extra sleep for the older kids. What a wonderful idea, the youngins’ at the bus stop in the dark and then home alone until their older siblings arrive. Terrible idea…

    • Knowlege says:

      Actually the High School Football players are only doing one morning practice a week, on Thursdays and they start at 5:45 and go until 6:45 I believe. Its way safer to practice in the morning because its not so hot. If you had an opinion you should have voiced it at the BOE meeting when they were deciding on this. There are also studies that show that a later start time is beneficial for older children, but there was not a benefit for younger children.

  2. Janice Nelson says:

    Exactly. Who needs more rest than elementary students. Late times for high school students is a joke, they aren’t going to rest or study any more or berter than they did before. Unreal that 4 and 5 year olds are outside at 6AM waiting on the bus. Buncha bull.

  3. Brittannie Peterson-Riaz says:

    My 6 & 10 year olds are up by 6AM every morning to be ready by 6:45 to get on the bus. I’m not too happy about it but we are making the change. Kids today has a full time job as a student. Getting up early and homework is just part of the job. No need to upset ourselves about the time change when it’s already been changed. Just accept it and move on.

  4. Lisa says:

    The school system stinks here.the kids have no time for themself.on bus at630am school tho 330.then get home around 400 do homework eat dinner shower .where is there time for them