Shots fired outside Valdosta High’s ‘Midnight Madness’ practice

| August 1, 2017


VALDOSTA – Shots were fired near Bazemore-Hyder Stadium early Tuesday as the Wildcats took part in ‘Midnight Madness’ football practice.

Release from the Valdosta Police Department:

On 08-01-2017 at approximately 12:45am, Valdosta Police Officers were dispatched to the incident location in reference to a juvenile victim being struck by a gun shot. When officers arrived on scene, the victim reported that she was hit by a bullet. The victim reported that she was walking away from the Bazemore-Hyder Stadium after attending a Valdosta High School event that ended at midnight. She advised that while walking away from the stadium, she observed several subjects arguing and then begin fighting. She advised that she began trying to leave the area when she heard several gunshots. She advised that while running, she felt something hit her neck. A small wound was located on the victim’s neck that was a superficial injury and was non-life threatening. The victim was transported to a local hospital for treatment. She has since been released. Initial reports indicate that the victim was unintentionally struck.

Multiple officers responded to the area. No additional injuries were located; however, multiple shell casings were found. In addition, several vehicles were damaged by bullet strikes.

At this time, witness accounts indicate that at some point in the evening, prior to the shooting, multiple subjects were in an argument; and that off duty police officers working the High School event broke up the argument.  It appears that sometime later in the evening, away from the stadium, another altercation began that escalated into gunfire. It also appears as though all subjects involved were familiar with each other and not targeting pedestrians/students in the area.

The investigation is active and VPD will release further details as they become available.

“If anyone has information in regards to this incident they are asked to contact the police department immediately,” said Lieutenant Adam Bembry.


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2 Comments on "Shots fired outside Valdosta High’s ‘Midnight Madness’ practice"

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  1. Cynthia says:

    Why is violence always the answer? Especially gun violence. This country is plagued by this. We in the city of Valdosta must end this foolishness before another life is lost.

    • warisreligious says:

      Cynthia, you are one. Ten million individuals will not change what the evil establishment (both parties) created. We essentially have one party. If we had a true 2 party system, the US would not be failing on so many levels and $20 trillion in debt, paying $74 million per day in interest and arguing about what is best for evil doers more so than do gooders. Evil makes NEWS. But, there is ALWAYS a defender of evil. And nobody ever taking action to stop evil. Why can evil be started but not stopped? We have one party. The spirit known as the Devil has installed evil leaders in both parties. They and their cronies got us where we are. But, tens of millions in a group can change the evil establishment, the Devil’s Party. King, as great a leader as he was, alone he could not have changed the evil establishment of his time. It took hundreds of thousands uniting with him to take action, pick their pain to stop the pain handed down. Today tens of millions must unite. Who will be willing to lead, knowing they too will likely be murdered like King. This establishment will insert violence, even if peaceful like King’s.