Lowndes Schools to release early for solar eclipse

| August 14, 2017

VALDOSTA – On August 21, 2017, a total eclipse will shadow a seventy mile-wide path through fourteen states, beginning in Oregon and exiting the Charleston, South Carolina coast.

For Georgians, the range of view is one hundred percent in the northeast corner of the state to ninety percent partial view in the majority of the state. The entire event will touch the U.S. at maximum strength for one hour, thirty-three minutes.

The partial eclipse will pass by Lowndes County starting at 1:11 pm, reaching maximum eclipse at 2:43 pm and completely fading from view by 4:08 pm.

The timing of the eclipse will coincide with dismissal time for our elementary students. The safety of our students is a priority in the Lowndes County School System, and we considered various options surrounding the solar eclipse. As a precautionary measure we will dismiss school early on Monday, 8/21/17 at the following times:

Elementary Schools:
1st Load – 11:30 am
2nd Load – 12:00 pm

Middle Schools:
12:30 pm

Lowndes High School & Parker Mathis Learning Center:
12:00 pm

We recognize the historical significance of the event and the days leading up to the eclipse will present multiple learning opportunities for our students including safety information.

To prevent eye damage, no one should look directly at the eclipse. NASA has a website devoted to eclipse information which includes various educational tools located at https://eclipse2017.nasa.gov.

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