In Other News: South Carolina Is Bracing For the Lizard Man to Come Out During the Solar Eclipse

| August 11, 2017

Earlier this week, the cops in Greenville, South Carolina felt the need to specifically ask people NOT to SHOOT BIGFOOT if they saw him.  And now, they’re focused on another potential monster.

The Lizard Man of Scape Ore Swamp is a half reptile-half man who’s believed to live in the swamps around Lee County, in northeast South Carolina.

And some people are worried that he could come out during the solar eclipse.

The South Carolina Emergency Management Division even tweeted asking people to report any paranormal or Lizard Man-related activity they see during the eclipse.

And sure, it’s tongue-in-check . . . but is it REALLY?

(Charleston Post and Courier)

(In other solar eclipse news, Krispy Kreme is going to be glazing their donuts with chocolate that day, which is kind of a clever metaphor.  Or so the Lizard Man would have you believe.)

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