In Other News: A Guy Tries to Deposit a One Million Dollar Bill, Gets Busted for Meth

| August 8, 2017

$100 bills are the highest denomination in the U.S.  And if you didn’t know that, don’t feel too bad.  This guy didn’t know either . . .

33-year-old Dennis Strickland walked into a bank in Sioux City, Iowa last Thursday and tried to deposit a fake ONE MILLION DOLLAR bill.

Technically it’s not illegal to be clueless, so he didn’t get in trouble for it.  But the bank teller did call the cops.

When they showed up, they asked him to empty his pockets.  It’s not clear if he even HAD to do it, since he hadn’t broken any laws.

But he emptied his pockets anyway . . . and pulled out a bag of METH.

He’s facing charges for possession of a controlled substance, and is due in court next week.

(Sioux City Journal)

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